Presenting Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the most cutting edge and advanced healing modality available in the world. The concept is simple, and the results are prolific. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, takes patients out of normal “air” environments (containing just 21% oxygen) and puts them into an environment containing 100% oxygen. That environment, which is pressurized for maximum healing capabilities, has an incredible healing rate of over 90%! Patients of all types, including diabetics in danger of losing limbs, and patients with chronic or non-healing wounds may qualify for HBOT. 


Although there is a lot of mystery surrounding the experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the process is relatively straightforward. Patients relax comfortably in a hyperbaric chamber, all of which are equipped with pillows, blankets, and full viewing of the outside environment. Patients are kept in constant communication with Certified Hyperbaric Technicians, who maintain visual and verbal contact with patients during the entire treatment process. A normal hyperbaric treatment takes about 90 minutes, and patients can watch cable TV, listen to an audiobook or CD, or even watch a movie if they so prefer. After roughly a month of continuous treatment, and drastically improved or (in most cases) successfully healed wounds, patients may leave the facility and enjoy life without the worry or impediments of their wounds.


Wound Care and Hyperbarics are a specialized field of medicine. While we all have injuries, patients who qualify as needing “wound care” have very “hard to heal wounds”: wounds that have been opened and have not healed for a period of several weeks, or even months. After an initial consultation, our team of doctors, podiatrists, and nurses work tirelessly to accurately assess, care for, and hopefully heal wounds. If traditional wound care techniques do not provide optimal healing, however, then patients may qualify for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which works in conjunction with standard wound care to produce outstanding results.


New research being conducted has decidedly concluded that hyperbarics can help to curtail the effects of acute sensory hearing loss, in addition to wounds. 


Larger, multiplace chambers (designed to fit multiple patients simultaneously) can be used for specific cases, including the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the bends. The only health care facility on Long Island currently outfitted with a multiplace chamber is Nassau University Medical Center

Hyperbaric Chambers: At A Glance